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Sweet potato stick

Sweet potato stick


“With steamed sweet potatoes pressed into mud shaping, and then wrapped in bread bran fried sweet potato sticks, crisp appearance, soft and sweet inside, very delicious.”


Main material

Material Quantity
sweet potato 500g
milk 20g
White granulated sugar 20g
Egg One


Material Quantity
flour Appropriate amount
breadcrumbs Appropriate amount


Flavor Sweet taste
Technology Deep fried
time consuming Ten minutes
difficulty simple


step 1:

Sweet potatoes are steamed in proper amount of water and then peeled and ground into mud.

step 1

step 2:

Mix the sweet potato puree with milk and sugar.

step 2

step 3:

Dip your hands in flour, twist them into small strips and evenly wrap them in flour.

step 3

step 4:

Wrap the flour and the egg mixture.

step 4

step 5:

Then wrap it in a thick layer of bran.

step 5

step 6:

Pour some oil into the pan and heat it for 6 minutes.Deep-fried sweet potato sticks until golden brown. Serve in the oven.

step 6

step 7:

Drain the oil out of the pot and taste it when it’s cool.

step 7


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