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Sweet eight-treasure dumplings

Sweet eight-treasure dumplings


Main material

Material Quantity
Black rice 500g
Hybrid Rice 500g
Polished round-grained rice 500g


Material Quantity
Red bean 50g
Mung bean 50g
cashew nut 80g
Peanut meat 100g
White kidney bean 100g
Candied jujube 200g
Crystal sugar 50g
Camellia oil 2 scoops
salt 1 scoops
Chicken essence Half spoon
Cotton granulated sugar Three scoops


Flavor Sweet smell
Technology cook
time consuming one day
difficulty ordinary


step 1:

After soaking in water for half an hour, soak in warm water for two hours, then wash one piece by one, add salt to the pot, add garlic (salt and garlic bactericidal effect) and boil for 10 minutes, then continue soaking in warm water for 5 hours, then rinse the pieces.After soaking the Zongye rope, gently brush it with a brush.

step 1

step 2:

Black rice is soaked one night ahead of schedule.Hybrid rice and japonica rice were soaked for half an hour.

step 2

step 3:

White kidney beans, mung beans, red beans, cashew beans and peanuts are soaked in warm water for three hours after cleaning.

step 3

step 4:

After cleaning, all the ingredients are put on the table in a neat and orderly manner, without messing with hands and feet.Salt, chicken essence and cotton granulated sugar are added to the material of bababao zong.Chop the jujube (there are children at home to pay attention to the core after chopping practical).

step 4

step 5:

Pack dumplings into the pot and add boiling water without dumplings (pay attention to the body of the pot is not too full, leaving a gap of 10 cm, pressure cooker is conducive to exhaust when working).The big dumplings are placed at the bottom and the small dumplings are placed at the top. When the pressure cooker is boiling, the infrasound is heard and the medium and small heat is changed to boil for half an hour. When the fire is off, the high pressure cooker is put in the heat preservation sleeve for one hour.

step 5

step 6:

Sweet and delicious dumplings are out of the oven!See Zong Love!Bite to find the feeling of first love, sweet but not greasy, sticky and refreshing!(2) Babies and mothers with children need adults to take care of a small amount of food!Baby’s digestive system has not yet matured, delicate intestines and stomach is difficult to digest dumplings, so the baby had better not eat.

step 6


When eating zongzi, it is better to prepare some black tea or green tea, while eating zongzi and drinking tea, so that it is convenient to swallow and help digestion.Every time you eat rice dumplings, you should also control the amount. Don’t be gluttonous. It’s better to buy small rice dumplings.In addition, dumplings should be eaten lightly.People with digestive system diseases eat Zongzi selectin zongzi, do not put sugar, do not eat too sweet.Patients with biliary and pancreatic functions should give up meat dumplings and egg yolk dumplings, because dumplings with fat and high protein are easy to cause indigestion, stomach distension and acute attack of disease.It is not appropriate to eat dumplings that have been stored for too long. For the sake of physical and mental health, we should eat them scientifically and reasonably.I wish you all good mood and good food everyday, you and I share.