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Stewed ox tendon

Stewed ox tendon


Main material

Material Quantity
Cattle tendon 1000g


Material Quantity
ginger Appropriate amount
garlic Appropriate amount
Scallion Appropriate amount
Sichuan Pepper Appropriate amount
Chinese cinnamon Appropriate amount
Star anise Appropriate amount
Hawthorn Appropriate amount
Dry pepper Appropriate amount
Bittern package Appropriate amount
Old soy sauce Appropriate amount
Soy sauce Appropriate amount
Oyster sauce Appropriate amount
salt Appropriate amount
sugar Appropriate amount
Fructus Amomi Appropriate amount


Flavor Maotai flavor
Technology halogen
time consuming Hours
difficulty ordinary


step 1:

Wash the tendons, then prepare a big soup pot and pour the cold water. Then put the tendons into the whole soup pot, put in a onion festival, ginger slices, a little pepper, a little wine over water.

step 1

step 2:

Wash the ingredients, pour a small amount of oil into the pot, stir-fry the fragrance in pepper, garlic, cinnamon, anise and small fire, then pour into the soup pot with boiling water, and then put in the beef tendon with good water, then pour into two bottles of ginger slices, dried pepper, brine bag, raw pumping, old pumping, oil consumption, salt, ice sugar, straw fruit, hawthorn, boil over the big fire, then change the medium and small fire to brine slowly until the tendons are tender.。

step 2

step 3:

Generally, it is recommended that the stewed tendons be soaked in the brine for one night, which will make them more delicious. When you eat, you can slice them into thin slices and put them on a plate.

step 3


Don’t put other ingredients into the stewed ox tendon, or it will destroy the taste of the stewed ox tendon.It’s better to soak the beef tendons in the brine for one night after the brine is finished, so that the taste of the tendons is more delicious.