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Roasted sweet potato

Roasted sweet potato


“I used to like roadside baked sweet potatoes because they were so sweet that I could smell the strong sweet potato fragrance from far away.Since I started the oven, I don’t have to bake sweet potatoes outside.And sweet potatoes have a strong sense of satiety, especially for people who lose weight.


Main material

Material Quantity
sweet potato 4


Flavor Sweet taste
Technology roast
time consuming An hour
difficulty simple


step 1:

Sweet potatoes can be divided into several kinds. Sometimes they buy glutinous taste. The appearance of red skin and yellow heart, which I chose this time, is especially sweet.Some of the yellowish skin must be the glutinous one.Sweet potatoes are washed and dried. The oven is heated up and down. 220 is preheated for 10 minutes.Then put the sweet potatoes on the tin-paper baking net, put them in the oven and heat them up and down, 230 degrees, bake for 60 minutes.If it’s a baking tray, take it out and turn it over halfway.No grilling nets.Choose sweet potatoes of the same size as possible to bake, so that the ripening degree will be similar.If it’s very small, you can take it out in the last ten minutes and fork it with chopsticks.Turn off the oven in advance when cooked

step 1

step 2:

It’s baked.

step 2

step 3:

It’s delicious. It’s four. It’s both good. It’s very sweet.

step 3


Works by Medusa (pGDh) from Gourmet World