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Korean Spicy Fried New Year Cake

Korean Spicy Fried New Year Cake


“There is a Korean nationality gathering area in the city where we live. There are too many delicious things. The taste of fried rice cakes basically follows the taste of Korean people.”


Main material

Material Quantity
Rice cake bar Appropriate amount
Cheese Sandwich New Year Cake Appropriate amount
Fish cake Half less than New Year’s Cake
Boiled Egg One for one


Material Quantity
onion Appropriate amount
Carrot Appropriate amount
Cuttlefish bolus The same amount as fish cakes


Material Quantity
salt A little seasoning
Thick chilli sauce According to taste
Ketchup According to taste


Flavor Slightly spicy
Technology fry
time consuming Twenty minutes
difficulty simple


step 1:

Buy New Year’s Cake is sealed packaging, broken down and soaked in clear water for about 10 minutes.I made New Year’s Cake and Chixin New Year’s Cake together.

step 1

step 2:

Fish cake is a long strip, written into small pieces, not too small, easy to affect the taste, cuttlefish balls cut from the middle or not easy to taste.

step 2

step 3:

Spicy sauce and sauce.Carrots and onions are just a little good. I don’t put too much because they’re not very good for side dishes.I use seasoned sauce. If I use ordinary tomato sauce, I need a little sugar.Hot sauce I used the New Year’s Cake sauce when I bought the New Year’s Cake.I think the difference between Niancai sauce and ordinary Korean chili sauce lies in the addition of some sugar and some sour taste.And the hot sauce is not too hot.

step 3

step 4:

It is not easy to burn too much oil in the pan, and the taste will be greasy.Oil the onions and carrots and see the onions begin to soften and stir-fry the New Year cake.I use salad oil. I can’t see the New Year’s Cake discoloration. Just a little softening.

step 4

step 5:

Add water and cover New Year’s Cake.Less after the filling is not enough water, more easily in the New Year’s Cake are soft and there is a pile of soup.Season with a spoonful of salt.Because there is salt in the sauce and the hot sauce of New Year’s Cake, just put a little less.Here I have my own opinion.Before watching others teach pepper or pepper, I do not recommend it. When pepper is eaten, there will be a sense of home fried vegetables.Pepper is especially good for spicy sauce.The best thing is not to let go.

step 5

step 6:

Wait for the water to boil slightly before putting fish cakes, cuttlefish balls and boiled eggs.Because fish cakes and cuttlefish balls will soften after cooking for a long time, which will affect the taste, it is best to put fish cakes after the rice cakes begin to soften.At this time, the water looks very little, no need to add.

step 6

step 7:

Add chili sauce and sauce.I put in a bag of chili sauce I saw before, because New Year’s Cake prefers spicy food.The corresponding salt should be added less.I put less sauce, about a tablespoon, too sweet.Here’s another question.I had a very sweet fried rice cake outside. It was really not good to eat. The more I ate, the more I lost my mouth.So I stopped putting sugar, and the sweetness in the chili sauce and sauce was enough.If you like hot and sweet, you can put sugar on your own, so be cautious.

step 7

step 8:

After adding seasoning, change to a small stew.In the meantime, spoon should be used to turn around and stir along the bottom of the pot, so as to avoid sticking to the bottom and turning over, which will make the rice cake ugly.When the soup is harvested, almost the rest is left at the bottom.If the rice cakes begin to hang soft, there is still a lot of water, and there is still a lot of sticky soup in the living, that is, there is too much water, the fire can be harvested.Let’s go out and enjoy it.

step 8


  1. Don’t be too rigid in material.It’s better to use Korean chili sauce. If you use garlic chili sauce, add some sugar to it and put less or no fish cakes, but the taste is certainly different from Korean chili sauce.2. Can add noodles, instant noodles or pulled noodles, after cooked noodles, drain.Then put it in the prepared rice cake, not boiled together.