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Egg shrimp

Egg shrimp


“Fried eggs with all colours and flavors”


Main material

Material Quantity
Free range eggs 2
Shrimp 2 only


Material Quantity
Green soya beans Appropriate amount
salt Few
Edible oil Few


Flavor Salty and fresh
Technology Fry
time consuming Ten minutes
difficulty simple


step 1:

Cast iron pot brush cooking oil.

step 1

step 2:

Beat an egg.

step 2

step 3:

Poke the yolk with a spoon.

step 3

step 4:

Open the fire, small fire.Fry until the egg white solidifies slightly and turn to light fire.

step 4

step 5:

Put the shrimp cooked and shelled beforehand.

step 5

step 6:

Put in some green beans (the green beans are also cooked first).Steps for boiling shrimp and green beans are omitted here because no photos are taken.

step 6

step 7:

Repeat the above steps to fry another egg.Sprinkle a little salt on the eggs after adding green beans, cover them and continue to fry on a light fire.Till the yolk and egg white of the shrimp are solidified, the pot can be turned off.

step 7

step 8:

finished product

step 8

step 9:

finished product

step 9

step 10:

finished product

step 10

step 11:

finished product

step 11


  1. Cook the shrimp and green beans first and peel the shrimp.I didn’t take pictures here, so this step was omitted.2. Fire Hou must be well mastered: beat eggs into the pot before firing, first medium and small fires, egg white slightly solidified immediately changed to light fires.Keep in mind that the fire should not be too big, lest the top is not ripe and the bottom is muddy.3. It’s better to cover it. The top is ripe faster.4. Sprinkle black pepper when it is not solidified.