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Donkey hide gelatin cake

Donkey hide gelatin cake


“Look at the first three, can you guess what it is?The answer is revealed in the last page.The microwave oven is really a good thing: walnuts, sesame and jujube are baked with it, but the jujube is not sure of the time, some of them are muddy, ready for accessories, and then start boiling. It looks good, so you don’t know how it tastes?”


Main material

Material Quantity
Donkey hide gelatin Two boxes


Material Quantity
Walnut 10 pieces
Red dates 10 pieces
Semen Sesami nigrum 2 handles
Chinese wolfberry 1 handles


Flavor Sweet taste
Technology Simmer
time consuming Hours
difficulty senior


step 1:

Boil Ejiao in yellow rice wine until the soup can be hung on the spoon and dripped little by little before it is boiled well! ____

step 1

step 2:

Cut all kinds of ingredients.

step 2

step 3:

Use microwave oven to bake food, tin foil paper to cover glassware, brush olive oil to prepare.

step 3

step 4:

Add various ingredients, mix evenly, remember to pour black sesame eventually, otherwise stir unevenly and solidify.Pour it out and freeze it in the refrigerator for four hours. Pour it out and cut it into pieces.

step 4


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