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Chocolate cereal biscuits

Chocolate cereal biscuits


Main material

Material Quantity
butter 100 grams
Berry sugar 70 grams
Egg 1 (about 50g)
Low powder 60 grams
Whole wheat flour 30 grams
High-fibre rye 80 grams
Peanut meat 15 grams
Baking powder 2 grams


Material Quantity
Cocoa powder 7 grams
Baked chocolate beans 20 grams


Flavor Sweet smell
Technology roast
time consuming Three quarter hour
difficulty simple


step 1:

Get all the materials ready.

step 1

step 2:

Whisk butter evenly after softening.

step 2

step 3:

Add sugar.

step 3

step 4:

Continue beating evenly.

step 4

step 5:

Add egg juice in succession, beating each time until absorbed and then next time.

step 5

step 6:

Eggs are all added and beaten evenly.

step 6

step 7:

Sift the mixture of low flour, cocoa powder and baking powder and add it to the egg paste.

step 7

step 8:

Stir well.

step 8

step 9:

Add whole wheat flour and high fiber rye.

step 9

step 10:

Stir well.

step 10

step 11:

Add chocolate beans and chopped peanuts.

step 11

step 12:

Stir well.

step 12

step 13:

Take proper amount of dough, knead it round and press flat, then put it into non-stick baking pan.

step 13

step 14:

Set the middle of the preheated oven at 170 degrees and bake for 20 minutes.

step 14

step 15:

Remove it in time after baking and let it cool on the baking net.Just out of the oven, the child took one piece.

step 15


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