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Childhood favorite snack - peanut sticky

Childhood favorite snack - peanut sticky


“Everyone has a deep memory of a snack as a child, and my favorite is peanut stick, there are also places called frost peanuts. At that time, there was not much pocket money, occasionally give a fifty cents a dime, the most to buy a popsicle, rice candy to eat, want to eat peanut stick must save enough three Dimes to buy a meal, because the snack shop is short of three dimes, can only save three dimes.Money to buy a meal, and so on to buy hands also reluctant to eat all at once, wrapped in paper pockets, eat one at a time, afraid of eating all at once, and I have the same experience with the companions should feel it!Nowadays, snacks are also sold, but I still like to eat peanut sticky, now they are packaged, a bag of a few dollars, greedy buy a package to relieve the greed, the girl is very similar to my taste, also like to eat peanut sticky, it is inevitable that all kinds of additives sold outside, eat much is not good.So now I’m cooking my own food, making snacks at home as a child, sweet and crisp, easy to see, it’s worth collecting!When I was a child, I bought peeled peanut red clothes. In fact, peanut red clothes have a good therapeutic effect. They can not be peeled. They can be cooked in a direct frying pan without oven. If you want to eat, you can’t help us. As long as you have a frying pan, you can make sweet and crisp peanut sticky. Quickly follow me!


Main material

Material Quantity
Peanut meat 500 grams
Sugar 200 grams


Material Quantity
water 120 grams


Flavor Sweet smell
Technology fry
time consuming An hour
difficulty simple


step 1:

Prepare raw materials, peanuts, water, sugar and weigh them well. Don’t be in a hurry when you do it.

step 1

step 2:

Peanuts are laid flat in a baking pan. The whole process of roasting peanuts without oven is the same. Because I want to peel the roasted peanuts, I haven’t washed them. If I like the peeled ones, rinse them with flowing water and control the dry water immediately. Don’t soak them. It’s easy to peel.

step 2

step 3:

The oven does not need preheating to roast directly in the middle of 160 degrees for about 20 minutes. Take out the baking tray and turn the peanuts several times. According to the setting time and temperature of the oven, the baked peanuts will be slightly cooled and crisper.

step 3

step 4:

It’s a big project to peel peanuts that are slightly cooled. We can avoid peeling peanuts if we are in trouble.

step 4

step 5:

The sugar and water in the formula are boiled in a non-stick pot and boiled over medium heat until the sugar melts. Sugar can be made of white granulated sugar or soft white sugar. There is nothing particular about it.

step 5

step 6:

When there are very dense bubbles in the pot, the syrup becomes thicker gradually, and the water in the pot evaporates and turns to a small fire.

step 6

step 7:

Stir-fry the peeled peanuts and turn off the heat.

step 7

step 8:

After turning off the fire, continue to stir-fry, as the temperature drops, the frost wraps every peanut, white sand frost appears, peanut sticky is ready, after cooling, eat crisp, eat is not sealed to preserve, in order to avoid dampness will not be delicious.

step 8

step 9:

Finished product drawing.

step 9

step 10:

Finished product drawing.

step 10

step 11:

Finished product drawing.

step 11

step 12:

Finished product drawing.

step 12

step 13:

Finished product drawing.

step 13

step 14:

Finished product drawing.

step 14

step 15:

Finished product drawing.

step 15

step 16:

Finished product drawing.

step 16

step 17:

Finished product drawing.

step 17


  1. Peanut sticky is also called frosting peanut. There are starch and starch versions. I have done both versions. I choose the version I like according to my own preferences.2. Peanuts without oven are cooked in a frying pan all the way. Peeling can be done without peeling. Peeling is a time-consuming task. If you have limited time, don’t peel them.3. The syrup is boiled until there are thick bubbles. It’s okay to pick up the syrup with a spatula and keep it straight down. Then, don’t boil it over to yellow syrup. The final product is not white syrup.