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Chicken cheese balls

Chicken cheese balls


Main material

Material Quantity
chicken breast Appropriate amount
Potato Appropriate amount


Material Quantity
New Orleans pickles Appropriate amount
Cheese Appropriate amount
breadcrumbs Appropriate amount
Raw meal Appropriate amount


Flavor Salty sweet
Technology roast
time consuming Semih.
difficulty simple


step 1:

Chicken breasts chopped and pickled in New Orleans for half an hour.

step 1

step 2:

Potatoes are steamed, cooled and pressed into mud.

step 2

step 3:

Mix chicken antler and mashed potatoes evenly.

step 3

step 4:

Masurilla cheese, wrapped in the middle, is made into balls.

step 4

step 5:

Raw meal.

step 5

step 6:

Boiling liquid.

step 6

step 7:

Roll bread crumbs.

step 7

step 8:

Air frying pan 200 degrees.

step 8

step 9:

Very delicious. You can try it if you like.

step 9


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