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Baozi Stuffed with Creamy Custard

Baozi Stuffed with Creamy Custard


“Milk yellow is her daughter’s favorite. She only eats steamed buns with milk yellow or bean paste.Today, I made glutinous rice rolls and some yolk bags, and I had breakfast in a few days.Fangzi is also the prescription of milk-flavored steamed bread. This is the universal prescription of my steamed bread. It is full of soft milk.



Material Quantity
plain flour 300g
Whole milk powder 15g
sugar 40g
milk 150g
yeast 3g
Baking powder 2g
salt 1g

Cream filling

Material Quantity
Egg 3
Sugar 80g
milk 90g
Unsalted butter 60g
butter 30g
plain flour 35g
wheat starch 35g
Powdered Milk 30g
custard powder 1 teaspoon (without or without)


Flavor Milk fragrance
Technology steam
time consuming Hours
difficulty ordinary


step 1:

Put the dough material into the bread machine, according to the dough process, knead into a smooth dough, fermentation to 2 times the size.

step 1

step 2:

During dough kneading, make custard filling.Mix milk, light cream and sugar until sugar dissolves.

step 2

step 3:

Add melted butter and mix well.

step 3

step 4:

Beat in the eggs and mix well.

step 4

step 5:

Sift in the powder.(Someone asked what tool is used to screen powder?There is a special sieve, you can also use the sieve in the picture.)

step 5

step 6:

Stir until no particles are present.

step 6

step 7:

Sift into a non-stick pan.(But screening is OK)

step 7

step 8:

Stir-fry over low heat until solidified.

step 8

step 9:

Used to make steamed buns, do not need to fry too dry, just in groups.

step 9

step 10:

Cover it with plastic film and cool it. Divide it into 35 grams and 13 portions.(It can also be divided directly into 10 copies)

step 10

step 11:

Take out the fermented dough, press the exhaust, divide into 10 equal parts.)

step 11

step 12:

Take one part and wrap it in milky yellow stuffing.

step 12

step 13:

Close down and arrange into spherical shape.

step 13

step 14:

Put it in a steaming pot and let it ferment for 30 minutes (20 minutes in summer).

step 14

step 15:

Cook in a cold water pan. Turn the heat to boil and steam for 15 minutes. Turn off the heat and simmer for 5 minutes.

step 15

step 16.0:

Soft milk smells good.

step 16.0


Works by Elmonte from Food World