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Amaranth and rice recipe

Amaranth and rice recipe


“Baby loves colorful vegetable cubes. They are not only very bright in color, but also soft and smooth in taste. Every time the baby doesn’t like to eat food, they make this for him. How can the baby eat several pieces?This time Xiaofang is not the same as usual. I add rice to it to enhance the feeling of satiety.This can be used as snacks or extra meals for the baby to eat, can also take out, not afraid of the baby along the way hungry.Here, Xiaofang is solidified by eggs. It tastes very soft and tender. Some taste like milk Xiaofang, which can melt after a sip.If the baby is allergic to eggs, change the eggs into water and add 5 grams of lotus root powder or horseshoe powder to solidify them.


Main material

Material Quantity
Amaranth leaf 10 grams
Cooked rice 30 grams
water 50 grams


Material Quantity
Egg 1


Flavor light
Technology steam
time consuming Ten minutes
difficulty simple


step 1:

Amaranth leaf 10 g cooked rice 30 g water 50 g eggs 1 cooking method: stirring, steaming reference age: 8M + operation time: 5 minutes.

step 1

step 2:

All the ingredients are put into the machine to make mud.

step 2

step 3:

Put a piece of grease paper at the bottom of the bowl and pour all the mud into it.There is some foam on the surface. Never mind. Steamed well, it’s gone.Tips: There is no oil paper at the bottom of the bowl. Brushing a layer of oil is also conducive to demoulding, but the effect is certainly better.

step 3

step 4:

Cover and steamed over medium heat for 15 minutes. Steam for a few minutes.Take it out and shake it. If there is no liquid, it means it’s ripe.Tips: if the bowl is small in diameter, the liquid will be poured in higher, and the time will be increased.

step 4

step 5:

Cool and buckle, slice and eat.If the baby likes to grab and eat supplementary food, you can sprinkle some seaweed powder or coconut on the surface and let the baby eat as finger food.If the baby can’t control the size of a mouthful, the mother uses a spoon to dig a small mouthful while feeding.

step 5


Grapefruit mother said: If the baby likes this kind of supplementary food, congratulations!It will save you a lot of time, not only vegetables can be mud, fish, meat, milk, all kinds of vegetables can do so.It’s interesting not only to cut into such small cubes, but also to press them into various animal shapes with biscuit moulds. Oh, I am a national child nutritionist. I am familiar with the healthy dietary needs of infants and young children, proficient in cooking, picky, anorexic and not fond of eating?How to supplement calcium, iron, zinc and selenium? Tongtong can help you solve it.Wechat Public Number: Five meals a day.Accompany you smoothly through the nutritional supplementary food road.